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  1. 岩石艺术

  1. Rock art
  The term "rock" here usually refers to limestone walls, cliffs, rock formations or single boulders that cannot be moved (the other four are all movable).
  There are two types:
  One of the rock paintings appeared in the early Paleolithic period. It was used to polish and carve figures on the rock surface. Some of the earliest cave paintings found in cave sites in India can be traced back to Ashley culture about 200000 to 500000 years ago
  2. 岩石画,
  2. Rock painting,
  Painted on the rock surface, it appeared in the late Paleolithic. The first widely accepted work is from the jovet cave in France. More than 400 fossils have been found 36, 000 years ago, as shown in the figure below
  In recent years, some new discoveries have confirmed that the rock paintings of 40000 years ago are not the only examples. As early as 42000 years ago, rock paintings were found in the cave of neria, Spain.
  Rock art may be closer to what the questioner says about painting. It is generally believed that only modern anatomists can draw such a picture. Although progress with new discoveries and new research is possible, it is unlikely to be more than 50000 years ago.
  除了石雕和绘画外,洞穴里还有粘土土丘。虽然有些是三维的,但它们更像岩石画。例如,在法国的lydicus dubbert洞穴中的粘土野牛有15000年的历史
  In addition to stone carvings and paintings, there are clay mounds in the caves. Although some are three-dimensional, they are more like rock paintings. For example, the clay bison in the cave of lydicus dubbert in France has a history of 15000 years
  2. 用手把石头搬到手工做的舷窗里
  2. Move the stone into the hand-made porthole by hand
  Unprocessed stones from other places. This stone, as long as it can arouse aesthetic consciousness, may be the earliest (possibly before the origin of mankind), and also the lowest logical threshold of any art work. A stone from the cave of makapanskat in South Africa, belonging to manuport, dates from 2.5 to 3 million years ago. Its texture is Jasper, the color is gorgeous, the modelling is unique, with two symmetrical holes and an open pattern like "lip" connecting "dazzling eyes". These natural traces make it look like a human head, which may have aroused the interest of prehistoric people and brought it to this place.
  In addition, manuport also contains hematite, crystal or other beautiful exotic stones, which were found in the early Paleolithic period, but are obviously not sculptures or sculptures.
  3. Plane motion sculpture
  Like stone carvings, it also appeared in the early Paleolithic period about half a million years ago. Olena culture is very common in the late Paleolithic age.
  重要的是要注意,前面的陈Keluo伊拉克回答参与摩洛哥谭谭出土的雕像石英的石头,它不是一个完全自然的(尽管整个石头是天然的,不是人工),上面的槽雕刻中,使用上面的赤铁矿的痕迹,大约30 - 500000年前,这是人类使用颜料的更古老的证据。
  It is important to note that the former Chen Keluo Iraq replied that he participated in the sculpture quartz stone unearthed in Tan Tan, Morocco. It is not a completely natural stone (although the whole stone is natural, not artificial). In the groove carving on it, the traces of hematite on it are used. About 30 - 500000 years ago, this is the oldest evidence of human use of pigments.
  Figure 10 in the lower right belongs to MSA (Middle Paleolithic age in Africa, equivalent to Middle Paleolithic age in Europe), and the rest belong to early Paleolithic age.
  A new discovery comes from the Trinity site in Indonesia (the origin of Java fossils, unearthed unannounced in 1891). There are curves on the shells, about 430000-540000 years ago.
  From 120000 to 150000 years ago, ivory carvings unearthed in Xinglong cave, Fengjie, Chongqing
  These movable sculptures do not coexist with Ashley culture in the early Paleolithic period. They seem to embody the cognitive ability of Homo erectus better than axes and mower wires found in East Asia.
  The ochre unearthed in the cave of brobus in South Africa has a geometric pattern carved by human beings seventy-seven thousand years ago.
  4. 身体装饰
  4. Body decoration
  In the early Paleolithic period, beads were mainly found, and there were round objects with artificial perforations in the middle. This is common in the late Paleolithic.
  Shell beads were unearthed in the site of sibudo, South Africa, from 60000 to 70000 years ago
  Ostrich egg shell beads unearthed at Shuidonggou site:
  5. 人物和斑块
  5. Characters and patches
  Compared with rock painting and plane carving, it has three-dimensional spatial characteristics of the late Paleolithic age. The earliest one has a history of 30000 years. For example, at the stadlehol site in Germany, the "Lion Man" made of mammoth ivory:
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